Marvin Kliman

Marvin Kliman is a founder and President of MTM Services, LLC. He is responsible for general management of the company, marketing, and development. Mr. Kliman has over 30 years experience in electronic commerce and business development.

His experience includes industries such as mid range computers, software development, banking, and other electronic payment firms. Mr. Kliman brings to the table a broad range of expertise and management experience that will enable MTM to be successful and provide high quality service for its' customers.

Roderick P. Morrow
Director and Executive Vice President

Mr. Morrow was a founding Shareholder, Director, and Executive Vice President of MTM Services, LLC. He has been a business leader, manager, and consultant in several industries during his 30-year business career.

His industry experience is primarily from the building materials and tobacco industries, where throughout his career he has held positions such as Chief Financial Officer and been responsible for Finance, Accounting, Management Information Systems, and Aquisitions. Mr. Morrow is no longer active in the day-to-day operation of the company.

John M. Jones
Director of Technology

John has several years of experience in commercial software development, with a focus on financial applications, database design, and migration of legacy systems. John started his career in 1991 as a freelance developer writing and maintaining custom database and accounting applications.

His broad technical experience was gained with companies in the packaging, financial, mortgage, and electronic commerce industries. His extensive experience in software development is a valuable asset to MTM Services.

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