How might this service affect my job?
Your department will become more effective and efficient. You will be taking your company into e-commerce, with little or no risk, positioning your company for the future.

How might this affect the job of my co-workers?
Our service will free up your employees, making them more productive. This service will actually create more opportunities for them to develop other areas of their positions.

I am concerned that I will have to change a lot of internal processes that we already have in place.
We have designed our software so that there is little or no change required!

I am worried about the security issues of handing over my banking information to MTM Services.
We can appreciate your concern. A lot of our customers have had similar feelings about giving out their banking information. Everything we transmit is encrypted using state of the art technology and, by using nicknames, we never transmit your account numbers over the Internet. We can even detect if someone attempts to tamper with your information.

I am concerned about my banking and financial information flowing over the Internet and somehow getting into the hands of a dishonest person.
We never send your bank account number or account information over the Internet and all information is encrypted.

I do not want to give up control.
In reality, you will have more control. You will actually be able to deliver payments when you want, with greater accuracy. You also do not have to worry about losing the checks in the mail, on the way to the post office.

We immediately send you back a report of what YOU want us to pay and only you can authorize us to pay what is in the report.

What if the money gets put into the wrong account?
That is a very unlikely scenario. When we establish an account with you, we send a test transaction to your suppliers to assure that we have the correct information on each end. And we do that BEFORE we go into full production with your account.

What if you lose my money?
What we are doing is the same as what your suppliers' bank does once you send them a check. Their bank would take the check and turn it into an electronic transaction; we are simply starting without the paper!

What about float?
You would have the same float that you do now.

What if one of your employees steals a check?
We are insured, we inventory our check stock, and we also complete a rigorous background check on all of our employees.

What if I have a last minute check?
We invite you to our website to fill out the information of the payment and we will have the payment on its way.

I have done it this way for years.
Yes, and you have obviously been very successful. We want to help you be even more effective. We don't want you to be subject to manual error such as dropping a check or running out of checks. We want you to be able to pinpoint where your money is.

You mean I can actually pay someone electronically without writing a check?
Yes! That is what we do.

Who are your insurance, accounting firms, etc.?
Our accounting firm is Babush, Neiman, Kornman & Johnson, LLP, Certified Public Accountants and Consultants. Our law firm is Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP. Our insurance carrier for Errors and Omissions coverage is The Travelers Insurance Company.

My bank wants me to do electronic banking. Is this the same thing?
The main difference is that a bank can't process remittance advice. They provide payment by account, we provide payment by invoice. We can also provide a more personal touch since we have Account Executives who, in conjunction with our Customer Service Department, will be handling your account.

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