Minimal change for maximum service

MTM Services provides maximum benefits for minimal change

  • Reduce the risk of check theft
  • Improve relationships with your vendors
  • Have greater control over timing of payments
  • Improve quality and quantity of information about payments
  • Be able to pay from multiple Account Numbers
  • Receive Volume Price Breaks

"U.S. companies realize tremendous cost savings and productivity gains by using electronic payments for accounts receivable and payable, and by paying Federal tax withholdings electronically," said Elliott C. McEntee, President and Chief Executive Officer of NACHA. "As companies move toward a more electronic trading environment, the ACH Network is ready to handle payments for online exchanges and electronic invoice presentment."

From NACHA, 2000, The Electronics Payments Association
Herndon, VA 20171

"We never could have foreseen all of the benefits of using MTM Services! Our costs have been reduced, our check processing time is condensed, we have greater control over our payments and we have more time to optimize our productivity!"

Bruce Moses, Frontline Consulting, Charlotte, NC

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